Evergreen Data Systems – Loan, Seller Financing, Escrow and Contract Management Software

The Next Generation Software for Contract Servicing

Evergreen Data Software is your software solution of choice for servicing contracts, rentals, leases, impounds and reserves, loans, escrow collection, long term escrows, seller financing, note servicing, private loans portfolios and any other installment collection.

Utilizing over 30 years of experience in the business, EDS has created an unmatched program for the industry, and now offers that same product to you. Blending greater functionality with superior customer service, EDS is in business to help your business. Designed by operators, our payment processing capabilities trump any other option in the market and bring a new level of convenience, efficiency, and security. We have accomplished this without sacrificing the needs of the people. In fact, we have answered the call of the people and built the next generation platform.

EDS has created the most powerful tool for the payment processing industry and is raising the bar by setting a new standard and developing a software solution for any size payment processing company. Goodbye to the days of DOS and other ‘Windows’ programs, hello to the future.

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