About EDS

We take care of the details for you

EDS, a Washington-based company, was created to provide a software solution for the contract servicing industry. With so few options available and with none of them providing all of the features required to maintain a secure and efficient department, EDS has developed a system that is rivaled by no other. A turn-key and complete software program designed to offer everything smaller and larger servicing operations alike require.

EDS began this project over a year ago to relieve itself of being dependent on the current software vendors since none of them offered a comprehensive solution that was efficient. Wanting to control its own destiny, EDS was formed and utilized its sister company’s 30 years of servicing background to build a program that would solve all of the issues it had experienced in the past, including a priority placed on listening to the customer. Since we have been a customer for 25 years, we know what is important and what is expected out of a software vendor – we exist because of you, not in spite of you.

Understanding the importance of providing a product that meets the changing servicing needs of the industry, EDS has built the most complete system available using the latest technology. Whether it be software functionality or support options, EDS will greatly improve your contract servicing operation by making you more efficient.


  • American Escrow Association
  • American Land Title Association
  • California Escrow Association
  • Escrow Association of Washington
  • Florida Land Title Association
  • Master Builder Association
  • Northwest Multiple Listing Service
  • South Sound Escrow Association
  • Washington Land Title Association